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Ban Sabai

Free after party on Ban Tai Beach

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Ban Sabai means in Thai 'place to relax'. It is a bar on the white sand beach of Ban Tai. If you are walking from either the Half Moon Party or Jungle Experience then when you get to the end of the Thong Nai Pan road turn right and follow the road towards Thongsala until you get to Chai Motorcycle and walk down to the beach. You'll soon be able to hear the music.

Ban Sabai has a party after the FMP, Half Moon Party, Black Moon Party and Jungle Experience. It is a great place on the beach. There is a large covered veranda where the DJ plays and people can dance. There's also hammocks and plenty of space to chill out.

Ban Sabai party is a free after party. The music at Ban Sabai is very much a continuation of the nigth before - psy-trance and progressive techno.

Ban Sabai starts at 9am the day after a party and goes on until evening. If you haven't gone to bed by then, you should consider doing so.